Nat Welch


Starting in 2011, I decided to create a changelog for my life. For those of you in the software world, this may make total sense, but for the rest of you, I'll explain. Basically, a changelog is a list of all changes a project has undergone since the last "release". So for every "release", I plan on including a current picture, a list of significant events since the last release, and anything else of note. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to write the changes, so these will probably change over time. Also, I'm slowly going back to retroactively write old release notes.

You can see a map to go with this on github.

Hope you enjoy,

Nat Welch 3.1 - 2019

  • Continued living in Brooklyn.
  • Got married to Melissa.
  • Left First Look Media and returned to Google.
  • Published a book, Real World SRE!
  • Visited France, Atlanta, North Dakota, Ohio, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Seattle, and DC.

Nat Welch 3.0 - 2018

  • Continued living in Brooklyn.
  • Got engaged to Melissa.
  • Visited San Francisco, St. Louis, DC and Boston.
  • Worked at First Look Media.

Nat Welch 2.9 - 2017

  • Continued living in Brooklyn.
  • Visited Portland, DC, Seattle, Victoria, Montreal and Vancouver.
  • Worked at Hillary for America.
  • Dated two women.

Nat Welch 2.8 - 2016

  • I quit my job at Google.
  • I attended the Recurse Center for three months.
  • I joined littleBits.
  • I left littleBits after six months.
  • I joined the Hillary For America Campaign.
  • I attended one wedding and one funeral.
  • I attended PAX again in Seattle.
  • I dated two women.
  • Visited Portland, Urbana and Vancouver.

Nat Welch 2.7 - 2015

  • I continue to work for Google on Google Compute Engine as a Software Reliability Engineer.
  • I completed one year living in a foreign country.
  • I visited seven countries (The Netherlands, UK, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland) since my previous birthday.
  • I attended two weddings, one of which I was in.
  • I attended PAX again in Seattle.

Nat Welch 2.6 - 2014

  • I continue to work for Google on Google Compute Engine as a Software Reliability Engineer.
  • I attended PAX again in Seattle.
  • I moved to London.
  • I dated one woman.

Nat Welch 2.5 - 2013

  • I continue to work for Google, but have changed jobs to work on Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage as a Software Reliability Engineer.
  • I visited Missouri for in March 2012 to celebrate my grandmothers 90th birthday.
  • I made multiple trips to Seattle for work, on which I usually visited Johnny Scout, Mark, Becky and Jeff.
  • I attended Open Source Bridge in Portland.
  • I saw the third launch of Space X's Dragon at Cape Canaveral with Niket.
  • I dated two women.
  • I attended Burning Man for the first time.

Nat Welch 2.4 - 2012

  • I continued to work for Google in the Commerce Group.
  • I visited St. Luis, Missouri for the Strange Loop conference.

Nat Welch 2.3.5-europe - 2011

  • I completed a one month trip to Europe. During this trip I visited the UK, including the towns of London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, York and Harrogate. I also visited Paris, France on this trip and was able to meet up with both my Family and Shawn Tice while traveling.
  • I was hired by Punchd Labs Inc., which was subsequently acquired by Google. I started working at Google on August 8th.
  • I graduated College with a B.S. in Computer Science at the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. I commenced on June 11th, 2011.
  • I quit working for after two years in April. This was a tough choice, but am looking forward to the future.

Nat Welch 2.3 - 2011

  • Spent my second summer living in SLO, this time at the house I had been living in since Spetember. I continued work at
  • I visited Aaron Shaw in NYC, where he was interning for a financial company.

Nat Welch 2.2 - 2010

  • I started working at in April. Made a lot of awesome friends through the company.
  • Spent the summer living at 2058 Loomis St. Probably one of my best summers in college so far.

Nat Welch 2.1 - 2009

  • Moved into my first off campus housing on Southwood Dr. in San Luis Obispo, CA.
  • I attended PAX in Seattle, Washington with three of my friends Mark Gius, Dave Dagget and Chris Harsch.
  • I interned for a second summer at Adobe, working again as a Quality Engineering Intern for the Dreamweaver team. I worked on a project called Web Widgets which ended up winning the community feature of the year award.

Nat Welch 2.0 - 2008

  • Over the summer I traveled to China and visited Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an and Yangshuo.
  • I attended PAX in Seattle, Washington with my two friends Dave Dagget and Chris Harsch. We stayed with my wonderful cousin Becky and her husband Jeff.
  • I interned at Adobe as a Quality Engineering Intern for the Dreamweaver team. I helped deliver CS4 and commuted daily from Los Gatos to the SF offices.

Nat Welch 1.9 - 2007

  • I graduated highschool on June 9th, 2006 from Maria Carillo High School in Santa Rosa, CA.
  • I attended BFD, an all day festival in Mountain View, CA, to celebrate with my friend Chris Harsch.
  • I started college at Cal Poly.
  • My parents moved to 16201 Shannon Rd. in Los Gatos, CA.
  • I spent the summer working at Oljato as the Nature Director.

Nat Welch 1.8 - 2005

  • I worked for the Sonoma County Information Services Department while taking trigonometry at the Santa Rosa Junior College.

Nat Welch 1.7 - 2005

  • Worked as a Scoutcraft staff at Oljato over the Summer.

Nat Welch 1.6 - 2004

  • Worked as an SIR at Oljato over the Summer.

Nat Welch 1.5 - 2003

  • Moved into 3711 Skyfarm Rd. in Santa Rosa, CA.
  • Began High School at Maria Carillo High School.
  • Worked as an SIR at Oljato over the Summer.

Nat Welch 1.3 - 2001

  • I started Middle School at Cupertino Middle School in Sunnyvale, CA.
  • Survived the Y2K bug and the transition into the new millenium.

Nat Welch 0.9 - 1997

  • My younger brother Travis was born on December 30th, 1996.

Nat Welch 0.5 - 1993

  • Moved into 1227 St. Matthew Way, Los Altos, CA.
  • Began Kindergarten at Montclaire Elementary School.

Nat Welch 0.4 - 1992

  • Started pre-school and Ellen Thatcher. Met Aaron Shaw and Paul Morrill, became good friends.

Nat Welch 0.1 - 1989

    Nat Welch 0.0 - 1988

    • Project Init on Feburary 22nd, 1988. Initial maintainers Lydia Ann Dehn and David Cushman Welch. Birthed at Stanford Medical.